GemPy Tutorials

Here you will find a selection of examples showing what can you do and how you can do it in GemPy

Chapter 2: GemPy Geophysics

These examples show how to use some of the in built functionality for forward geophysics. At this date GemPy is not meant to be a package for classical geophysical inversion rather to allow probabilistic inversion. This means that we need algorithms that can be fast, differentiable but still capable to estimate the right answer!

Chapter 3: Domain Kriging

GemPy uses Kriging to interpolate the scalar field to construct the structural model. However to populate petrophysical data within each domain we also provide functionality to interpolate data in 3D.

Chapter 4: Topological analysis

One of the reasons to perform structural modeling is to analyse the topology of the system, i.e. the connectivity between layers. GemPy provide built-in functionality to calculate and analyse this aspect of each geological modeling

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