compute_model(gempy_model[, engine_config])

Compute the geological model given the provided GemPy model.

create_geomodel(*[, project_name, extent, ...])

Creates a GeoModel instance.

map_stack_to_surfaces(gempy_model, ...[, ...])

Map stack (series) to surfaces by reorganizing elements between groups in a GeoModel's structural frame.


plot_2d(model[, n_axis, section_names, ...])

Plot 2-D sections of geomodel.

plot_3d(model[, plotter_type, ...])

Plot 3-D geomodel.

Data Classes

Modeling Classes

GeoModel(name, structural_frame, grid, ...)

Class representing a geological model.

StructuralFrame(structural_groups, color_gen)

A data class that represents the structural framework of a geological model.

StructuralGroup(name, elements, ...[, ...])

An abstract base class that represents a structural group within a geological model.

StructuralElement(name, surface_points, ...)

Class that represents a structural element in a geological model.

SurfacePointsTable(data[, name_id_map, ...])

A dataclass to represent a table of surface points in a geological model.

OrientationsTable(data[, name_id_map, ...])

A dataclass to represent a table of orientations in a geological model.

InterpolationOptions(range, c_o, uni_degree, ...)

Grid([extent, resolution])

Class to generate grids.

Solutions(octrees_output[, dc_meshes, ...])

RawArraysSolution(lith_block, fault_block, ...)

Helper Classes

ImporterHelper(path_to_surface_points, ...)



An enumeration.