gempy.init_data(geo_model: gempy.core.model.Project, extent: Optional[Union[list, numpy.ndarray]] = None, resolution: Optional[Union[list, numpy.ndarray]] = None, **kwargs)gempy.core.model.Project[source]

Initialize some of the main functions such as:

  • geo_model (Project) – [s0] Container class of all objects that constitute a GemPy model.

  • extent (numpy.ndarray[float]) – [x_min, x_max, y_min, y_max, z_min, z_max]. Extent for the visualization of data and default of for the regular grid class.

  • resolution (numpy.ndarray[int]) – [nx, ny, nz]

Keyword Arguments
  • path_i (str) – Path to the data bases of surface_points. Default os.getcwd()

  • path_o (str) – Path to the data bases of orientations. Default os.getcwd()

  • surface_points_df (pandas.DataFrame) – A pn.Dataframe object with X, Y, Z, and surface columns

  • orientations_df (pandas.DataFrame) – A pn.Dataframe object with X, Y, Z, surface columns and pole or orientation columns.