gempy_viewer.plot_2d(model: GeoModel, n_axis=None, section_names: list | None = None, cell_number: int | list[int] | str | list[str] | None = None, direction: str | list[str] | None = 'y', series_n: int | List[int] = 0, legend: bool = True, ve=1, block=None, override_regular_grid=None, kwargs_topography=None, kwargs_lithology=None, kwargs_scalar_field=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot 2-D sections of geomodel.

Plot cross sections either based on custom section traces or cell number in xyz direction. Options to plot lithology block, scalar field or rendered surface lines. Input data and topography can be included.

  • show_block (bool) – If True and model has been computed, plot cross section of the final model.

  • show_values (bool) – If True and model has been computed, plot cross section of the value… TODO need to add attribute to choose which value to be plot

  • model – Geomodel object with solutions.

  • n_axis (int) – Subplot axis for multiple sections

  • section_names (list) – Names of predefined custom section traces

  • cell_number (list) – Position of the array to plot

  • direction (str) – Cartesian direction to be plotted (xyz)

  • series_n (int) – number of the scalar field.

  • ve (float) – vertical exageration

  • override_regular_grid (numpy.ndarray) – Numpy array of the size of model.grid.regular_grid. If provided, the regular grid will be overriden by this array.

  • kwargs_topography (dict) –

    • fill_contour

    • hillshade (bool): Calculate and add hillshading using elevation data

    • azdeg (float): azimuth of sun for hillshade

    • altdeg (float): altitude in degrees of sun for hillshade

Keyword Arguments:
  • legend (bool) – If True plot legend. Default True

  • show (bool) – Call matplotlib show

  • show_data (bool) – Show original input data. Defaults to True.

  • show_results (bool) – If False, override show lith, show_calar, show_values

  • show_lith (bool) – Show lithological block volumes. Defaults to True.

  • show_scalar (bool) – Show scalar field isolines. Defaults to False.

  • show_boundaries (bool) – Show surface boundaries as lines. Defaults to True.

  • show_topography (bool) – Show topography on plot. Defaults to False. (Note Sep 2023) If True this is showing the height map instead of the geological map.


Plot2D object

Return type:


Examples using gempy_viewer.plot_2d

1.4: Unconformity relationships

1.4: Unconformity relationships

Modeling step by step

Modeling step by step