gempy.map_stack_to_surfaces(gempy_model: GeoModel, mapping_object: dict[str, list[str]] | dict[str, tuple], set_series: bool = True, remove_unused_series=True) StructuralFrame[source]

Map stack (series) to surfaces by reorganizing elements between groups in a GeoModel’s structural frame.

This function reorganizes structural elements (surfaces) based on a mapping object and updates the structural frame of the GeoModel. It can also create new series and remove unused ones.

  • gempy_model (GeoModel) – The GeoModel object whose structural frame is to be modified.

  • mapping_object (Union[dict[str, list[str]] | dict[str, tuple]]) – Dictionary mapping group names to element names.

  • set_series (bool, optional) – If True, creates new series for groups not present in the GeoModel. Defaults to True.

  • remove_unused_series (bool, optional) – If True, removes groups without any elements. Defaults to True.


The updated StructuralFrame object.

Return type:


Examples using gempy.map_stack_to_surfaces

Modeling step by step

Modeling step by step