Model 6 - UnconformityΒΆ

This script creates an unconformity cutting an anticline structure using GemPy, an open-source, Python-based library for building implicit geological models.

# Importing necessary libraries
import gempy as gp
import gempy_viewer as gpv
from import StackRelationType

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Generate the model Define the path to data

data_path = ''
path_to_data = data_path + "/data/input_data/jan_models/"
# Create a GeoModel instance
data = gp.create_geomodel(
    extent=[0, 1000, 0, 1000, 0, 1000],
        path_to_orientations=path_to_data + "model6_orientations.csv",
        path_to_surface_points=path_to_data + "model6_surface_points.csv"
# Map geological series to surfaces
        "Strat_Series1": 'rock3',
        "Strat_Series2": ('rock2', 'rock1')
# Define the structural relation
data.structural_frame.structural_groups[0].structural_relation = StackRelationType.ERODE

# Compute the geological model
geo_data = data
Surface points hash:  7f8130574e9fd3deb75ffcbfcafff5b6b832d233ee95246f4be17e5cb8575712
Orientations hash:  580fd4be0d29ee09c4018f629b4a1b3545faeae127e6532e66f730e7f0203e69
Setting Backend To: AvailableBackends.PYTORCH

Plot the initial geological model in the y direction

gpv.plot_2d(geo_data, direction=['y'], show_results=False)
Cell Number: mid Direction: y
<gempy_viewer.modules.plot_2d.visualization_2d.Plot2D object at 0x7f0080743cd0>

Plot the result of the model in the y and x directions with data

gpv.plot_2d(geo_data, direction='y', show_data=True)
gpv.plot_2d(geo_data, direction='x', show_data=True)
  • Cell Number: mid Direction: y
  • Cell Number: mid Direction: x
<gempy_viewer.modules.plot_2d.visualization_2d.Plot2D object at 0x7f00a021f880>

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