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import enum
import warnings
from dataclasses import dataclass, asdict, field

import gempy_engine.config
from .evaluation_options import MeshExtractionMaskingOptions, EvaluationOptions
from .temp_interpolation_values import TempInterpolationValues
from ..kernel_classes.kernel_functions import AvailableKernelFunctions
from .kernel_options import KernelOptions
from ..raw_arrays_solution import RawArraysSolution

[docs] @dataclass class InterpolationOptions: __slots__ = ['kernel_options', 'evaluation_options', 'temp_interpolation_values', 'debug', 'cache_mode', 'cache_model_name', 'block_solutions_type', 'sigmoid_slope']
[docs] class CacheMode(enum.Enum): """ Cache mode for the interpolation""" NO_CACHE: int = #: No cache at all even during the interpolation computation. This is quite expensive for no good reason. CACHE = IN_MEMORY_CACHE = CLEAR_CACHE =
# @off kernel_options: KernelOptions # * This is the compression of the fields above and the way to go in the future evaluation_options: EvaluationOptions temp_interpolation_values: TempInterpolationValues debug: bool cache_mode: CacheMode cache_model_name: str # : Model name for the cache block_solutions_type: RawArraysSolution.BlockSolutionType sigmoid_slope: int debug_water_tight: bool = False
[docs] def __init__( self, range: int | float, c_o: float, uni_degree: int = 1, i_res: float = 4, gi_res: float = 2, # ! This should be DEP number_dimensions: int = 3, # ? This probably too number_octree_levels: int = 1, kernel_function: AvailableKernelFunctions = AvailableKernelFunctions.cubic, mesh_extraction: bool = True, compute_scalar_gradient: bool = False, compute_condition_number: bool = False, ): self.kernel_options = KernelOptions( range=range, c_o=c_o, uni_degree=uni_degree, i_res=i_res, gi_res=gi_res, number_dimensions=number_dimensions, kernel_function=kernel_function, compute_condition_number=compute_condition_number ) self.evaluation_options = EvaluationOptions( _number_octree_levels=number_octree_levels, _number_octree_levels_surface=4, mesh_extraction=mesh_extraction, mesh_extraction_masking_options=MeshExtractionMaskingOptions.INTERSECT, mesh_extraction_fancy=True, compute_scalar_gradient=compute_scalar_gradient ) self.temp_interpolation_values = TempInterpolationValues() self.debug = gempy_engine.config.DEBUG_MODE self.cache_mode = InterpolationOptions.CacheMode.IN_MEMORY_CACHE self.cache_model_name = "" self.block_solutions_type = RawArraysSolution.BlockSolutionType.OCTREE self.sigmoid_slope = 50_000
# @on def __repr__(self): return f"InterpolationOptions({', '.join(f'{k}={v}' for k, v in asdict(self).items())})" def _repr_html_(self): html = f""" <table> <tr><td colspan='2' style='text-align:center'><b>InterpolationOptions</b></td></tr> {''.join(f'<tr><td>{k}</td><td>{v._repr_html_() if isinstance(v, KernelOptions) else v}</td></tr>' for k, v in asdict(self).items())} </table> """ return html
[docs] def update_options(self, **kwargs): """ Updates the options of the class based on the provided keyword arguments. Kwargs: kernel_options (KernelOptions, optional): Options for the kernel. Default is None. number_octree_levels (int, optional): Number of octree levels. Default is 1. current_octree_level (int, optional): Current octree level. Default is 0. compute_scalar_gradient (bool, optional): Whether to compute the scalar gradient. Default is False. dual_contouring (bool, optional): Whether to use dual contouring. Default is True. mesh_extraction_masking_options (MeshExtractionMaskingOptions, optional): Options for dual contouring masking. evalution_options.mesh_extraction_fancy (bool, optional): Fancy version of dual contouring. Default is True. debug (bool, optional): Debug mode status. Default is derived from config. debug_water_tight (bool, optional): Debug mode for water-tight conditions. Default is False. tensor_dtype (str, optional): Data type for tensors. Default is derived from config. Returns: None Raises: Warning: If a provided keyword is not a recognized attribute. """ for key, value in kwargs.items(): if hasattr(self, key): # checks if the attribute exists setattr(self, key, value) # sets the attribute to the provided value else: warnings.warn(f"{key} is not a recognized attribute and will be ignored.")
@property def number_octree_levels(self): return self.evaluation_options.number_octree_levels @number_octree_levels.setter def number_octree_levels(self, value): warnings.warn("The number_octree_levels attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use" "evaluation_options.number_octree_levels instead.", DeprecationWarning) self.evaluation_options.number_octree_levels = value @property def mesh_extraction(self): return self.evaluation_options.mesh_extraction @mesh_extraction.setter def mesh_extraction(self, value): warnings.warn( "The mesh_extraction attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use" "evaluation_options.mesh_extraction instead.", DeprecationWarning) self.evaluation_options.mesh_extraction = value @property def compute_corners(self): is_not_last_octree = (self.is_last_octree_level is False) is_dual_contouring = self.mesh_extraction is_octree_for_surfaces = self.temp_interpolation_values.current_octree_level + 1 == self.number_octree_levels_surface is_dual_contouring_and_octree_is_for_surfaces = is_dual_contouring and is_octree_for_surfaces compute_corners = is_dual_contouring_and_octree_is_for_surfaces or is_not_last_octree return compute_corners @property def compute_scalar_gradient(self): return self.evaluation_options.compute_scalar_gradient @compute_scalar_gradient.setter def compute_scalar_gradient(self, value): warnings.warn("The compute_scalar_gradient attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use" "evaluation_options.compute_scalar_gradient instead.", DeprecationWarning) self.evaluation_options.compute_scalar_gradient = value @property def is_last_octree_level(self) -> bool: return self.temp_interpolation_values.current_octree_level == self.number_octree_levels - 1 @property def range(self): return self.kernel_options.range @property def c_o(self): return self.kernel_options.c_o @property def uni_degree(self): return self.kernel_options.uni_degree @uni_degree.setter def uni_degree(self, value): warnings.warn("The uni_degree attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. ", DeprecationWarning) self.kernel_options.uni_degree = value @property def i_res(self): return self.kernel_options.i_res @i_res.setter def i_res(self, value): warnings.warn("The i_res attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. ", DeprecationWarning) self.kernel_options.i_res = value @property def gi_res(self): return self.kernel_options.gi_res @gi_res.setter def gi_res(self, value): warnings.warn("The gi_res attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. ", DeprecationWarning) self.kernel_options.gi_res = value @property def number_dimensions(self): return self.kernel_options.number_dimensions @property def kernel_function(self): return self.kernel_options.kernel_function @kernel_function.setter def kernel_function(self, value): warnings.warn("The kernel_function attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. ", DeprecationWarning) self.kernel_options.kernel_function = value @property def n_uni_eq(self): return self.kernel_options.n_uni_eq @property def number_octree_levels_surface(self): return self.evaluation_options.number_octree_levels_surface @number_octree_levels_surface.setter def number_octree_levels_surface(self, value): warnings.warn("The number_octree_levels_surface attribute is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Use" "evaluation_options.number_octree_levels_surface instead." , DeprecationWarning) self.evaluation_options.number_octree_levels_surface = value @property def evaluation_chunk_size(self): return self.evaluation_options.evaluation_chunk_size