Source code for gempy.api_modules.getters

""" Getters API

from gempy import Project, Solution
from typing import Union
import warnings
from gempy.utils.meta import _setdoc_pro

[docs]@_setdoc_pro() def get_data(model: Project, itype='data', numeric=False, verbosity=0): """Method to return the data stored in :class:`pandas.DataFrame` within a :class:`gempy.core.model.Project` data object. Args: model: [s_geo_model] itype: [s_itype] numeric (bool): if True it only returns numerical properties. This may be useful due to memory issues verbosity (int): Number of properties shown Returns: pandas.DataFrame: Data Object df. """ return model.get_data(itype=itype, numeric=numeric, verbosity=verbosity)
[docs]def get_surfaces(model_solution: Union[Project, Solution]): """Get vertices and simplices of the surface_points for its vtk visualization and further analysis. Args: model_solution (:class:`Project` or :class:`Solution`) Returns: list[numpy.array]: vertices, simpleces """ if isinstance(model_solution, Project): return, elif isinstance(model_solution, Solution): return model_solution.vertices, model_solution.edges else: raise AttributeError
[docs]def get_interpolator(model: Project): return model._interpolator
[docs]def get_th_fn(model: Project): """Get the compiled theano function Args: model (:class:`model.Project`) Returns: :class:`theano.compile.function_module.Function`: Compiled function if C or CUDA which computes the interpolation given the input data (XYZ of dips, dip, azimuth, polarity, XYZ ref surface_points, XYZ rest surface_points) """ assert getattr(model._interpolator, 'theano_function', False) is not None, 'Theano has not been compiled yet' return model._interpolator.theano_function
[docs]def get_additional_data(model: Project): warnings.warn('get_additional_data will be deprecrated in GemPy 2.3 Use ' 'get(\'additional_data\') instead.', DeprecationWarning) return model.get_additional_data()